About us

Who we are

Usually, it takes a spark, a meshing of stones in some cases, or striking of a match, to light up an entire village. And with the right fuel, the fires borne by this little spark become an inferno, razing obstacles in its path.

This was the situation that would eventually birth the reality that is Dreams to Legacy.
We are a non-profit organization specially interested in the professional prosperity of Nigerian children and youths. We see a future where their dreams are valid, not as foggy motions experienced only when the eyes are closed, but as clear realities that can be grasped and lived when the eyes are open. We strive to see the day every child in Nigeria is set up to succeed in their chosen area of specialization, the day their aspirations and ambitions kick off the runway and fly.

We envision an empowered generation by providing personalized mentoring and exposure to professional opportunities including scholarships and relevant advanced technical skills. D2L currently operates from two legacy centers in Ibadan and Awka, Oyo and Anambra state respectively, serving the immediate local communities in productive ways.

Our approach

We envision a prosperous community where every child’s professional dream gains a voice and becomes reality.

Our Mission
We seek to empower under-served children and youth population in Nigeria with quality education, to make positive life choices that enable them to maximize their personal potentials. We do this by eliminating the conventional barriers that mitigate against access to quality education among this demography including cultural barriers, economic barrier among others, through advocacy and campaigns, sponsorship, mentoring and direct exposure to opportunities.
Our Vision
To democratize access to quality education and promote the professional prosperity of underserved youths and children in our communities.

What we have achieved

Dreams to Legacy has been able to achieve the following within her thirty (30) months of existence.

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People trained in Computer Skills
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Goal and Leadership Fellows
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Funds Raised
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Terminal Scholarship