And with the right fuel, the fires borne by this little spark become an inferno, razing obstacles in its path. 

We Search and Supply

Our network of volunteers and mentors allows us to reach out to people who need our interventions but are not in a position to reach out to us for several reasons.

We Support and Strengthen

Dreams to legacy Initiative through her Career Development Program provides capital and networking support for artisans, academics, and other professionals, who want to advance their careers and increase their economic value in the marketplace. We help to conceive, birth and nurture such ambitions.

We Mentor and Network

Legacy Mentorship Academy has been graduating students with an increased sense of responsibility to themselves and their nation. The job of nation building will be executed by an empowered citizenry. Every bit of investment towards this counts ultimately

We Train and Consult

Our IT labs are open to schools, organizations, corp members  and other interested parties to gain basic compute literacy education and skill, needed to lead a productive professional career. We also provide special consultation through our partners in statistical analysis and other academic related ICT matters.

What we have achieved

Dreams to Legacy has been able to achieve the following within her thirty (30) months of existence.

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People trained in Computer Skills
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Goal and Leadership Fellows
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Funds Raised
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Terminal Scholarship
6 years ago, I finished my secondary school studies in ijebu-ode, Ogun state. I have always wanted to be a pharmacist due to my experience at Fontana Pharmacy and Store where I worked as a sales representative.
Few years back after Secondary School, I was helpless and I don’t even know what I wanted for myself. I had no mentor or assistance; I had to do things I don’t have passion for all because I wanted to go back to school...
D2L sponsored my community development projects which empowered youths through mentorship & entrepreneurship sessions and awarded scholarships to 20 indigent students...


Leadership Mentorship Academy

Applications closed!

Application closes on the 5th November, 2021.